Step I– Choose the nearest EMA Instructor or EMA Academy

Step II – Select the Masterclass in which to enrol

Step III – Apply via email or a phone call (you will receive all necessary information)

Step IV – Taking the test / Each participant of the EMA training receives a Certificate of Attendance upon the completion of the Madero therapy Training, after which he or she takes the exam. After successfully passing the exam, the student acquires an EMA license and becomes a Certified Madero Therapist.

A Certified Madero Therapist can be trained further in order to advance through the levels prescribed and standardized by the EMA.

No previous experience is required. You will get all the knowledge you need for future profession during the training.

Through its licenses, EMA provides numerous benefits for every madero therapist, both for their personal development as well as for his job and career.


Due to the conditions and regulations in the course of obtaining the certificate, and maintenance of the license required by the EMA, madero therapists are recognized for their qualities and professionalism.


For all those who are at the beginning of their madero therapy career, EMA provides marketing support.


For us, it is extremely important to keep you up to date with the development of madero therapy even after the training. In accordance with that principle, the EMA regularly informs its members about further developments in the field.


The EMA prescribes standardized levels at which each madero therapist can hone their personal skills and gain professional status, as well as reach the level of an instructor, who will train future madero therapists.


Madero therapy is a massage technique that, with the correct application of madero elements on the body, has a profound effect on muscles and other tissues, thus achieving much faster and more efficient results compared to regular massage. The massage itself, as well as the implementation of specialized elements, make madero therapy a 100% natural and holistic method.

The madero therapy technique applied at the Madero Academy is exceptional for 3 reasons:

  1. The motions and techniques learned at the Madero Academy achieve extremely fast results with the clients
  2. The massage is very pleasant for the client, not painful
  3. Madero therapist’s work is maximally expedited. This was one of our basic goals when we were designing madero elements and the technique.

Of course not. Madero therapy is the application of wood for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. Depending on the equipment, knowledge and skills of the therapist, it can be applied to the whole body and covers almost all types of massages done by hand.

At Madero Academy, you can choose your courses and learn to apply the madero elements to the whole body.

The most important thing in madero therapy is not the type of wood from which the element was made. It is important that the wood does not release resin, that it is thermally treated, which removes the termites and flaws from the wood, making it safe for the skin. But, the single most important thing in madero therapy is that these elements are not lacquered, because varnish destroys the energy of wood, diminishing the effect it has on our body as a part of nature. At the same time, varnishing the elements could enable the chemical particles to push into skin through such an intensive treatment.

EMA Madero elements undergo heat treatment, are disinfection and sterilization procedures, so that they are absolutely safe for application on human skin.

In order to answer this question, we first need to know what our client’s lifestyle is, eating habits, activity level, how he or she reacts to madero therapy, what are their sensitivity, how fast the client’s metabolism is, whether they experience problems with circulation, whether there are hormonal imbalances or some problem with the lymphatic system – therefore, many sub-questions that can be answered only after a few treatments, after the madero therapist gets to know the client’s body and its reaction to the treatment. We are all different, but the knowledge, experience, and the therapist’s advice is actually paramount if the client wants an answer to the first question.

The first couple of massages may be painful, afterwards they are very relaxing.

Bruising is not common for this type of massage, but bruises may appear in cases of hypersensitive people during first sessions, as well as when someone unprofessional is handling the wooden elements.

One mustn’t apply any kind of direct pressure to the varicose veins.

No, there are no negative effects on facial muscles. Madero facial therapy activates the facial muscles in a natural way, and if the massage sessions are stopped, will remain rejuvenated. Circulation and lymph flowswill be improved, and that cannot have a negative effect.

Madero facial therapy actually gives you healthy facial skin.

Individual therapies can be done as parts of a classic treatment, where each massage session will have its effect. If we want to make a more concrete result, the treatments are done in 6 – 10 therapies in one series, every other day. After the age of 50, the series should be repeated for a second month, followed by periodic upkeep.

It is never too early or too late to start exercising the muscles. It is ideal to start before the age of 30, because it is much easier and healthier to keep the firm shape and the condition of the face in those years, than to allow it to relax and expand across years.