Madero Therapy is a massage technique, that applies wood in order to boost therapeutical and esthetic benefits for a person. The anatomic wooden elements are made solely for this purpose, which makes this therapy 100% natural, without any chances of getting an allergic reaction on the skin.

The biggest advantage of madero therapy is exactly these wooden elements, which are specially made to reach deep into a muscle system and subcutaneous layers of the skin, making them excellent for reducing cellulite, wrinkles, and stress.

Bodyshape Madero

Bodyshape Madero is the most reliable natural method for body shaping and cellulite removal.

Adequate madero elements enable more intense pressure on cellulite and the removal of fat deposits alongside other toxins.

Applying these elements to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, the body’s lymphatic system is stimulated, through which accumulated toxins are removed. This purging of toxins stimulates the metabolism to burn fat. Also, the pockets of persistent cellulite are broken up, the swelling on the skin is reduced, which enables the elimination of the so-called “orange peel” effect.

The massage reaches deep under the skin, which activates the internal cells. Therefore, the therapy is especially effective for:

Beauty Madero

Through the application of facial madero therapy, one can obtain actually healthy facial skin. This is the best natural antiage method.

This therapy is a non-invasive method for the treatment of wrinkles, through which the face becomes lighter, while the toxins are purged.

Facial madero therapy is a perfect choice for those who want to get rid of stress, because it is a relaxing massage with surprising results in the reversal of aging.

Through the application of wooden elements, a therapist reaches deep down to the skin cells, which enables facial remodelling and the activation of fibroblasts, that produce more collagen and elastic fibers. Certain movements affect the muscle tissue, circulatory and lymphatic system, all of which increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

Wellness Madero

Madero Wellness has exceptional effects in relieving stress in the back, shoulders and neck.

Deep action accelerates muscle recovery and reduces pain in every part of the back.

This is a treatment that represents a healing demonstration of the power of wooden elements, which in just a few treatments can provide a whole range of health benefits.

A treatment that demonstrates the healing power of wooden elements, through which, in just a few treatments, one can achieve a whole range of health benefits.

Feet Madero

Madero therapy of the feet stimulates the nerve endings and has a profound effect on the revitalization of the whole organism. It relieves the whole body from the stress and toxins by breaking down the accumulated acids.

A specific technique that gives an incredible feeling of lightness in the feet, legs and the rest of the body.

This massage technique involves a series of movements that are repeated using 7 different wooden madero elements. Applying these elements to the muscles and nerve endings stimulates the entire body and organism, which:

Detox Madero

Madero Detox concept uses cup-shaped elements which create a circular skin fold, increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue and expanding the capillaries. In this way, deformed connective tissue cells are broken down, fat deposits are lifted to the surface, circulation is improved and lipolysis is induced – the breaking down of fat deposits.

The vacuum sucks the part of the skin under the cup, and draws the deeper layers of fat and cellulite to the surface of the skin.

Unlike other madero elements, through which intense pressure is applied to cellulite cells, vacuum cups achieve through syction a “unsticking” of fat tissues, creating a deep massage, inside and out. Benefits of Madero Detox Techniques: