European Madero Association

The Madero Academy is part of the European Madero Association, which provides vocational, professional and standardized training. Enroll and become a certified Madero Therapist, Instructor and EMA member.

The European Madero Association (EMA) was created because of one goal and that is the unification and standardization of Madero therapy on a global level. The main task of the Associations is to maintain proper and standardized education of Madero therapy, to provide professional and advisory contribution to the improvement of technology, and to introduce regulations and innovations.

The main tasks of the Association are:

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Board of Founders

The founders of the European Madero Association are professionals with a wealth of experience in the application of madero therapy. They are pioneers in the formation of special techniques for applying madero elements to the whole body – head to toe.

Through a complete commitment to madero therapy, they elevate the technique and education system to the highest standards, while respecting the professional requirements of physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians, and doctors.

EMA Certificates

The European Madero Association licenses Madero Therapists, Instructors and Academies and issues certificates based on clearly defined rules and standards. The certificate is a guarantee of quality, labor and knowledge.

Each student who successfully completes the training according to the regulations and standards of the EMA becomes a licensed Madero Therapist and a member of the EMA.

Any Madero Therapist that wants to progress and build a career through the EMA system can be certified as a Madero Instructor, thus gaining the opportunity to train future Madero Therapists.

The highest level that an Instructor can achieve is the opportunity to open a Madero Academy in their country, which will represent the European Madero Association and train future Madero Therapists and Instructors in every Madero therapy technique.

European Madero Association Standards

EMA standardization system is based on years of experience in education and application of Madero therapy technique by following professional standards and requests of physiotherapists, dermatologists, beauticians, and doctors. With established procedures and proper education EMA has created distinguished Madero Therapists who are recognized around the globe.

To their future students, EMA offers the opportunity to master the basic techniques of Madero Therapy, specialization, and personal development through different levels all the way to mastering the title of Madero Instructor.

Each student will strengthen their knowledge and confidence in the application of Madero therapy, with the help of the best Madero elements, and through experience and trust relationships they will build with their clients. 

EMA has standardized levels of education where each Madero therapist can improve their skills and acquire professional status all the way to the level of Madero Instructor, which can train and educate future Madero Therapists.


EMA members can be anyone who has completed training standardized by EMA, where they receive an EMA license and numerous benefits offered by membership: