Madero Academy

part of the European Madero Association

Accredited by EMA

Madero Academy Serbia is part of the European Madero Association, which provides vocational, professional and standardized training. Enroll and become a certified Madero Therapist, Instructor and EMA member.

Accredited by the Republic of Serbia

Accredited by the State of Serbia – Madero Therapy Center is a publicly recognized training organizer and holder of a license (611-00-01159/2018-03) for the provision of education in the field of Madero Therapy by the Ministry of Education of the State of Serbia.

After completing your education, you will receive a certificate that gives you the opportunity to work in a salon and to open your own salon.
This type of education is recommended for everyone who wants to have a state-recognized certificate, to improve their skills, as well as for those who have not been trained as a beautician, therapist or masseur, but would like to retrain.


Madero Therapy

Madero Therapy

Madero Therapy

Madero Therapy

Madero Therapy

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If you have any questions regarding the principles of maderotherapy, courses, and Madero centers feel free to contact us through our email.

We will be more than happy to answer all the questions and doubts you may have regarding maderotherapy and the standards we implement in our work.